Sunsetting Stargazer

The Cosmos Hub launch - old memories!

As previously announced, Stargazer is no longer available.

We believe that Stargazer has successfully served its purpose in helping Cosmos grow. We built it to help advance the ecosystem - it was the first block explorer to show accounts and transactions, expose an API, or delegate tokens in the browser.

There's no shortage of high-quality cross-chain Cosmos block explorers today, and the LCD server has grown into a powerful API comparable to Stargazer's.

The massive growth of Cosmos and the Stargate upgrade would require a full rewrite of the code base. Certus One is still a small, impact-driven team. We have turned down numerous investments to maintain our independence, and our engineering capacity is limited. We continue to focus on where we can provide the biggest value for the ecosystem - validation, infrastructure and the open source SignOS project.


For monitoring, use Prometheus with our tm_exporter project. This has the advantage of working with any RPC endpoint rather than relying on a single centralized service. This is what we use to monitor our own validators.

For chain data access, use the Cosmos LCD API.

If you have any questions or need help migrating to the Cosmos LCD, feel free to contact us through our website or Telegram.